Smile Restoration with Dental Bridges: Your Pathway to a Complete and Confident Smile

Are you missing teeth and looking to restore your smile? Dental bridges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for tooth loss. These solutions not only fill the gaps in your mouth but also help to boost your confidence.

Want to see what dental bridges can do for your smile? Schedule an appointment with Biggio Dental Care. Dr. Chad Biggio and the team can’t wait to guide you toward a healthy, beautiful smile.

A dental bridge is a device that fills the gap between two healthy teeth or implants. It typically consists of artificial teeth, known as replacements, which occupy the space left by missing teeth. These replacements are supported by healthy teeth, called abutments, on both sides of the space. To ensure optimal support for the bridge, dental crowns will be placed on the abutment teeth.

Dental bridges can be fixed or removable. Some patients love removable bridges because they can be removed for easier maintenance. However, many patients love fixed bridges because of their stability, durability, and natural feel.

The dental procedure at our office is structured and involves a thorough assessment and meticulous planning to ensure superior outcomes. The bridge process starts with a consultation to evaluate your oral health and determine your suitability for a bridge.

The next step is to prepare your abutment teeth by removing some of the enamel to accommodate your crowns. Next, we’ll take digital scans of your prepared teeth to create a perfect-fitting bridge for your smile. Since fabricating your bridge takes a few days, we’ll protect your prepped teeth with a temporary bridge.

Once your bridge is ready, you will need to come to our office to fit it. We’ll check the fit and alignment of your bridge until it feels natural. Once you are confident with your new teeth, we’ll use dental cement to bond your restoration in place. It will take a few days to get used to your bridge, but when you do, you’ll eat, smile, and talk like you have 100% natural teeth!

When you get dental bridges from our office, you can expect numerous benefits that extend beyond replacing your teeth. Dental bridges offer the following life-changing benefits.

  • They prevent the remaining teeth from shifting
  • Restored chewing and speaking ability
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • They maintain proper bite and alignment
  • Bridges enhance your smile’s aesthetics
  • They are maintained like natural teeth
  • Long-lasting solution

The consequences of tooth loss are manifold, affecting both function and appearance. The absence of teeth can impact your physical and emotional health, from compromised chewing ability and altered aesthetics to dental misalignment. Fortunately, you don’t need to endure the full consequences of missing teeth. Dental bridges offer a solution to restore your smile, allowing you to reap the benefits of a complete and confident appearance.

Dental bridges are a suitable option for replacing missing teeth when you are not a candidate for implants and dentures are not feasible. Take the first step in restoring your smile and confidence by calling (225) 314-6995 to schedule an appointment with Biggio Dental Care. Our functional, natural-looking dental bridges will change your smile and life.